Baked Vanilla Cheesecake—Prototype 2:
More sweetness, more vanilla!

But instead of going all-yogurt with the cheese, hold on to the 2-to-1 yogurt-cottage blend for now (actually, this was in order to use up the remaining half container of cottage cheese that I had left over from Prototype 1, as well as avoiding the need to utilize half of a container—as opposed to a whole one—of yogurt to make up for the cottage cheese's absence in an all-yogurt situation).
Repeat Prototype 1, but make these changes:
For the crust, increase the brown sugar by 1/2 tablespoon, to 2 tablespoons (note the usage here of both brown sugar and regular, i.e., granulated, sugar at 2 tablespoons apiece).
For the batter, increase the granulated sugar by 1/4 cup, to 7/8 cup, and increase the vanilla by 1 teaspoon, to a full tablespoon.

Vanilla Cheesecake—Prototype 2 (sliced)

A disappointing surprise broke out on me. As I poured the batter over the crust, the middle of it erupted upward. I did pre-bake earlier that crust for about 5 minutes. Maybe I needed to pour the batter more slowly in the future. But if I were to pour it too slowly, it would likely dribble on me. Perhaps using a rubber spatula would be helpful in deflecting such a mess.

This time, the batter turned out sweet enough and had what I somehow sensed to be a reasonable, "creamy" vanilla presence. Improvement was found in the crust's taste as well. But I also felt that a little more tanginess should be used (thus setting in order an all-yogurt plan) in the future.

This cheesecake did okay at Living Hope (among a somewhat small selection of refreshments, but also with perhaps a smaller than average crowd). There was some leftover.

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