Baked Lemon Cheesecake—Prototype 5:

Repeat Prototype 4, but make this change for the batter:
Boost the granulated sugar by 1 tablespoon, to 1 7/16 cups (1 3/8 cups + 1 tablespoon).
My tongue was easily able to "feel" the tartness with this one, and the taste had a hopefully sufficient cheese flavor to it. But for some reason, I wanted to pick up more sweetness—and a little livelier lemon. Maybe that was just me.

I served this cheesecake at a pastor appreciation meal, at Living Hope Church. The primary dessert emphasis was on ice cream (somewhat like a "social"), with so many kinds—and plenty of toppings to choose from. Maybe that's at least one reason why only about 2/3 of my lemon cheesecake got eaten (I took home whatever was left). Another factor may have been related to the time of year (a summer-oriented flavor served in November).

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