Baked Cookies+Creme Cheesecake—Prototype 2

Repeat Prototype 1, but boost the batter's sandwich cookies by 4, to 16. Also, cut the baking time to only about 90 minutes.
Again, I used Joe-Joe's from TJ's for this one. I would have to admit, however, that their taste differed from that of the Oreo cookies. I performed a cookie taste test and felt that the Oreos tasted noticeably sweeter, this difference likely being linked to the creme filling in the middle—hardly because of the chocolate cookie "outsides".

For this prototype, I crushed the Joe-Joe's much less. Instead of putting these into a bag and extensively mashing them (and afterward blending them into the batter by machine for a fairly long time), I broke—by hand—each cookie into a few chunks and dropped them directly onto a still batter in a blender (after having combined all the other ingredients, including the eggs). I then ran the blender, likely with the intent of doing so for only about 10 seconds (at the slowest speed), in order to get the cookie pieces reasonably distributed. To my surprise, the broken cookies quickly got blended into the batter, giving it nearly as much of a brown appearance as my previous prototype—a coloring effect that I had hoped to avoid—all within a few seconds, after which I immediately shut the blender off. I made a mental note to fold in the cookies strictly by hand (with a utensil such as a scraper or spatula) for future prototypes.

However, the cookies still turned out chunkier than last time. The batter still ended up with some cracks, in light of the reduced baking time. Yet this tasty cheesecake ended up being a much bigger success (gone in a surprisingly short time) at Living Hope than the first prototype.

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