Baked Banana Cheesecake—Prototype 2:
I sought an alternative to banana powder, due at least to the high cost of the freeze-dried slices. So I pureed a few bananas and then concentrated the resulting puree over very low heat to about half the original weight, hence a "2X" concentrate. I then froze this until I was ready to use it. This concentrate was used in the crust as well as the batter.
Repeat Prototype 1, but make these changes:
For the crust, replace the 2 ounces of banana puree with 1 ounce of banana concentrate (see intro comments above for more info), and boost the skim milk by 8 teaspoons, to 1/4 cup.
For the batter, replace the 2 ounces of banana powder with 3 ounces of banana concentrate.
It seemed like the banana concentrate was not such a great idea. I had difficulty blending it in with the other ingredients (whether preparing the crust or the batter). Furthermore, when I mixed the Bran Buds in with the crust's other ingredients, the resulting mixture immediately became extremely thick (perhaps going back to the regular-strength puree while keeping the milk at 1/4 cup seemed like a good idea).

But what about using the (relatively thin!) banana puree in the batter (maybe about 6 ounces of it)? Perhaps the flour needs to be increased (maybe to 1/2 cup)

Nevertheless, the taste of this prototype was still decent, and it fared well at Living Hope Church in Beverly (although the second prototype of my baked
pumpkin cheesecake did even better—much better—as I brought that one as well to the same event).

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