Peanut Butter HiFi Buddy Balls—Prototype 2:
In Prototype 1, the peanut butter favor is rather on the strong side. I had an idea of making HiFi Buddy Balls which would combine the peanut butter mixture with its chocolate counterpart (i.e., Chocolate HiFi Buddy Balls, above), somewhat like a marble cake. However, I felt that the peanut butter was too dominant. This flavor is reduced for Prototype 2.
Repeat Prototype 1, but...
Reduce peanut butter by 2 ounces, to 6 ounces
Reduce sugar by 3 tablespoons, to 15 tablespoons (1 cup minus 1 tablespoon)
I felt that this provided a better balance when combined with the chocolate HiFi Buddy Balls mixture (see Chocolate Peanut Butter HiFi Buddy Balls, below, for more details).

NOTE: Even if the peanut butter flavor were to still be too strong, I had already come up with a contingency plan to further reduce the peanut butter to 4 ounces, and also reduce the sugar to 3/4 cup.

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