Baked Peanut Butter Cheesecake—Prototype 4:
Peanut butter has got to be one of the strongest flavors that I have used in my cheesecake prototypes. With Prototype 4, this ingredient (as used in the batter) was down to half of what I started with back in Prototype 1!
Repeat Prototype 3, but reduce the batter's peanut butter by 1.5 ounces, to 3 ounces, and also reduce the batter's granulated sugar by 1/12 cup (i.e., 4 teaspoons) to 3/4 cup (i.e., 1/2 + 1/4 cup).

Bake for about 100 minutes (with tub immersion), or until cake tester comes clean.
I was concerned about slashing the peanut butter for this prototype. No problem! The flavor was still plentiful (in fact, at least one person at my church, Living Hope, somehow commented about the peanut butter still being on the strong side). In fact, I still could hardly pick up the "cheese-i-ness" flavor in the cheesecake batter. But I still decided for now that the peanut butter flavor was reduced enough. Perhaps this particular flavor was rather a bit too tricky (maybe I needed to not focus so much on the "cheese" flavor, but rather on the texture of the batter). But this peanut butter cheesecake was absolutely delicious, including the crust. Perhaps when combined with my chocolate cheesecake, the reduced peanut butter flavor involved here would not overwhelm the chocolate.
Internal Tweaking Notes

Peanut Butter: (A) 4 oz. :: (B) 3.5 oz. :: (C) 3oz.?
Granulated Sugar: 1/2 cup plus (A) 5.333 tbsp. to 4.667 tbsp. :: (B) 4.667 tbsp. to 4.08333 (that's 4 + 1/12) tbsp. :: (C) 4 tbsp. to 3.5 tbsp.?

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