Additional Eggnog Notes

HP Hood has been putting out some seasonal eggnog flavors, all of which I enjoyed, one way or another. Here are further details on how my taste buds reacted:

Vanilla: Reminded me of melted vanilla ice cream, but I furthermore could not detect a distinct eggnog taste.
Pumpkin: Nice pumpkin taste, reminding me of the pancakes I had made in the recent past by combining Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix with Hood Light EggNog.
Sugar Cookie: Mild, sweet eggnog taste.
Cinnamon: Very similar to regular-flavored eggnog.
Gingerbread: Nice gingerbread taste, although I likely could not easily detect a distinct eggnog taste.

Hood's Golden EggNog is its regular version. I personally prefer the Light EggNog, which has too little, if any, taste difference (at least that's my own reaction), compared to the full-fat version.

I enjoy eggnog enough to wish for its year-round availability (it's the light version I really want), but I have had to settle mainly for the Christmas season. In 2009, I spotted it in a Market Basket store shortly after mid-October, picked up a quart of the Light EggNog, and quickly made up an eggnog pie—now that's a treat with a trick (due to this eggnog treat already being enjoyed before Halloween)! I also like Hood's ultra-pasteurization of its eggnog line because of my wishes to take advantage of the longer shelf life. Unfortunately, I have seen this only for Hood's quart-sized packages (its more economical half-gallons are only "regular"-pasteurized, according to my 2009 observations).

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