Baked Banana Cheesecake—Prototype 3:
Okay, let's go with the aforementioned ideas. However, some reconsiderations have entered my mind since Prototype 2's immediate aftermath. I felt that the flour would need an even bigger boost than what I thought earlier. This seemed to be particularly important since I would be going bigger on the batter's banana puree as well (I had concerns about the puree otherwise being too weak). Due to liquid concerns here, I reasoned that the batter's milk should be reduced a little, in deference to the puree. As for the crust, I decided to swap out its milk for more cottage cheese (for a greater cheese-like flavor).

This one was a niece's request—the latest banana prototype for Rebecca.
Repeat Prototype 2, but make these changes:
For the crust, revert the 1 ounce of banana concentrate to 2 ounces of banana puree, and replace the 1/4 cup of skim milk with 1/4 cup of additional cottage cheese—thus the cottage cheese is boosted from 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup (6 ounces).
For the batter, eliminate the banana concentrate there as well, replacing it with 8 ounces of banana puree, and double the flour, from 1/3 cup to 2/3 cup. Also, cut the milk here from 1/2 cup to only 1/3 cup.

Bake in a tub at 300 degrees for about 110 minutes (if using a 9 1/2" pan).

Banana Cheesecake—Prototype 3

This was my first banana prototype that was baked in my new 9 1/2" Frieling pan (discussed elsewhere in this recipe scrapbook). I was initially going to pre-bake the crust before adding the batter to it. However, the crust stiffened up so quickly after my stirring in the Bran Buds, that I determined that the pre-baking was unnecessary.

Rebecca enjoyed this one. I myself could very easily taste the banana flavor. (Was it, in fact, a little too strong? I had earlier considered using 6 ounces of banana puree, rather than 8, in the batter.)

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