First you mix, mix, mix, some Fluff and peanut butter, add ground-up Bran Buds, and have a...

Fluffernutter HiFi Buddy Bar!

Anybody remember the "Fluffernutter" jingle for Marshmallow Fluff?

If you lived in the Boston area around the 1960's or the 1970's, you probably do.

Well, that's my variation on this jingle...and on the Fluffernutter recipe itself, a fairly simple sandwich. Let's give this baby-boomer classic the Bran Buddy treatment.
Fluffernutter HiFi Buddy Bars—Prototype 1:

This is the simplest HiFi Buddy Bar recipe yet—there is only one layer, and these bars should keep for a very long time at room temperature (no refrigeration needed).

The sequence suggested by the song's lyrics are crucial. According to the original tune, the peanut butter went on the bread first, and the Marshmallow Fluff was added afterward. For the Hifi Buddy Bars, it's a different story, so pay close attention.

Sequential details (combining order) for single layer:
1 jar (i.e., 7.5 ounces) Marshmallow Fluff (or other brand of marshmallow cream, if you cannot get the Fluff brand)
4 oz. unsalted peanut butter (mixture will become very stiff after combining the first two ingredients)
8.8 oz. Bran Buds, ground up (last ingredient here!)

Mix hard! You are dealing with a very stiff mixture. Then press it all into a 9" x 9" wax-paper-lined pan. Get it leveled off, and expect a thin layer. Once this is done, cut into bars and enjoy!

Fluffernutter HiFi Buddy Bars—Prototype 1

This one was thin and chewy, and the peanut butter could be detected. The marshmallow flavor was not nearly as much present, but these bars were still a nice hit.

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