Baked Strawberry Cheesecake—Prototype 7:
Okay, this is it—crank up that strawberry Nesquik twofold! However, I got somewhat concerned about this leading to too much overall sweetness, so I decided to also reduce the granulated sugar a little bit in order to compensate.
Repeat Prototype 6, but make these changes for the batter:
Boost Nestlé Strawberry Nesquik drink mix by 1/2 cup, to 1 full cup (this revised amount of mix being what would be needed as if to make 2 quarts of the drink itself).
Reduce granulated sugar by 1/8 cup (2 tablespoons), to 7/8 cup.

Strawberry Cheesecake—Prototype 7

I felt that the amount of strawberry flavor for this prototype's batter was just about right (I had some concern beforehand about boosting the Nesquik too much, and that caused me to consider using only about 3/4 of a cup—so I was glad that I ended up going with one full cup instead).

However, I started to feel that the crust's cinnamon flavor was somewhat too strong. What led to this was that, in order to simplify things, I had chosen not very long ago to use a standard, plain-cheesecake-oriented formulation for the crust (Prototype 15 of my plain cheesecakes being a noteworthy example) in many of my non-chocolate-related cheesecake flavors. But with this strawberry prototype, I reconsidered and reasoned that such an approach wasn't always a good idea. That would be (hopefully!) okay for plain and perhaps some other flavors of cheesecake—but not for strawberry.

Anyway, this cheesecake was almost completely gone—only a very small sliver was left—likely within 15 minutes at Living Hope Church (noticeably better than the previous prototype in this flavor). I ultimately finished off that remaining sliver.

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