Baked Strawberry Cheesecake—Prototype 4:

Repeat Prototype 3, but make this change for the batter:
Boost arrowroot by 1/4 cup, to 3/4 cup (thus adding more stability).
The outcome was persistently soft, despite the increased arrowroot. Now this softness was upon removing the cheesecake from its pan. What this particularly meant was that too much residual batter was left on the pan's sidewall, thus resulting in excessive gashes on this cheesecake. After it was chilled, I had a serving, and have found the texture to be too rubbery. I took that result as too much arrowroot. I felt the need to return that ingredient to 1/2 cup. So what could I do for the future? Should I take a chance on an unusual increase in baking time??

Because I was personally dissatisfied with this prototype, I ate very little of it. I decided to unload the rest on my Home Depot workplace. This cheesecake was gone surprisingly very quickly, likely within 5 hours, in the break room there.

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