Change of All-Bran product from Bran Buds to regular variety
For probably about 7 years or perhaps more, I have extensively used Bran Buds, a high-fiber cereal from Kellogg's All-Bran line, which also contained the regular, or Original, All-Bran. It was from the Bran Buds name that I came up with "Bran Buddies". My 21st century recipe scrapbook was launched from delicious and nutritious food creations that I somehow made up, using the Bran Buds product.

My food experiments have come a long way since then. In addition to my quest to making tasty treats that were not too high in fat as well as containing at least a decent amount of fiber, I have increasingly desired for all the ingredients utilized to be natural.

Sometime in my earlier Bran Buddies days, the list of ingredients for the Bran Buds product included high fructose corn syrup. Kellogg's more recently (to my delight!) replaced it with sugar. But the list still contained one ingredient that I regarded as an undesirable impediment to my natural quest: BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene, an additive used extensively by food processors to extend freshness.

However, the regular All-Bran contained a very simple list: wheat bran, sugar, malt flavor and salt, none of which I determined to be artificial. While this product was also fortified with various vitamins and minerals (probably at least some of them being "synthetic"), their presence hardly bothered me.

I felt that the time had come for me to switch to the Original variety. Bran Buds cereal was a reasonably good start for me. I had to give it credit for launching this scrapbook. But as the years went by, I even phased out the "Bran Buddies" name, replacing it with "HiFi Buddies" at some point. And now, in June of 2013, it was time—again—to move on.

Some trade-offs need to be noted here. The regular All-Bran (at least as of this writing) is not as high in fiber as its Bran Buds counterpart. But the regular version still has plenty of this nutrient. I have also felt that this version had a somewhat better taste compared to Bran Buds. A bonus was the Original containing much less sodium.

It is with Prototype 5 of my orange cheesecake (the crust, to be more specific) that my usage of the regular All-Bran has gotten its debut in this recipe scrapbook. Aside from disputes over added vitamins and minerals, I now feel that, within reasonable respects, I can think of (at least) many of my future cheesecakes as being regarded as "all natural".

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