Please pardon my 1990's look. I anticipate getting around to bringing my site into the 21st century, DHTHL and all - one of these days.
Until then, check out my PHP/MySQL/object-oriented/JavaScript stuff at a friend's web site!
(Or if you are really hungry for something from my own pages,
I can now give you a taste of my 21st century coding--and cooking--from my dynamically delicious recipe scrapbook,
which serves up PHP plates of object-oriented sweets and other snacks meant to bring JavaScript joy to your mouth.
I am starting to "bush" HTML5 as well—listen to the roar of the menu bushbuttons below!
Finally, a developer's encouraging, money-saving alternative to Fla$h!)


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Isaiah 53 Of whom does this Old Testament chapter speak???
Let's reach the LGBT An IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all Christians


This one is an "oldie"!
Netscape NOW! Get it NOW!  Before you die!
Today's recommendation:
Chrome, Firefox or another browser...

...that supports HTML5 !
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