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Rock for the Rock

Air 1 Network - This was the very first Christian music station that I steadily enjoyed, which was made possible by streaming Internet radio technology and the RealAudio player. Before this began happening in 1997, I had to settle for what the AM and FM airwaves had to offer me in the Boston area, which I found to be a not-so-favorable market for Christian broadcasts (particularly those that rocked hard enough for my tastes). At last, with this teenage contemporary, Christian hit radio station broadcasting from across the country, a personal void was filled. As time went on, I discovered additional, great rockin', Christian stations broadcasting over the Internet. But for me, Air 1 was the first.

ApologetiX - This one is a great choice for those of you having difficulty getting weaned off the secular rock or other music that you grew up with. If the lyrics were the reason why you stopped listening to these songs (or sensed the need to do so), but you still miss the riffs, then check this band out. ApologetiX specializes in taking the original wording, however offensive it may be, out of your old favorites and replacing it with wholesome, Christian lyrics! At least 9 albums--plus exclusive fan club (sign-up is free!) releases--of converted classic rock, modern rock, heavy metal and other-styled mainstream tunes to choose from!

Christian Book & Supply - Here's a store to visit when in the Boston area. Home of GetFreeCDs.com (additional info below).

Dry Bone Kingdom - A late, great, punk/ska band from the Phoenix (Arizona) area that included my friend Paul Dawson on drums. Rip on your skankboard to this one!

GetFreeCDs.com - (Brought to you by Christian Book & Supply) Large selection of styles of Christian music and cheap CD prices! Now even better--buy 6 CD's at this store's already low, discount prices (20% off your entire order), and get the 7th one free! And you don't have to buy them all at once either! For example, you can get some of the 6 CD's now and get the rest--and the free one--later. And the free CD can even have a higher value than the earlier six you paid for! (Many other retailers restrict your free item to a value that is equal to, or less than, that of each of your paid items). Periodic specials can save you even more. So what are you waiting for? Click on over!

hm Magazine - Leading 'zine specializing in Christian hard music, from heavy metal to alternative rock ("your hard music authority"). Formerly known as Heaven's Metal (although this publication name was later on brought back by the hm publisher in the form of a new, more heavy-metal-oriented "fanzine").

IRENIC - A Christian melodic metals band from the Boston (Massachusetts) area, with my friend Jonathan Gadoury on guitar and vocals.

Mortification/Rowe Productions - Home "planetarium" site of a well-known trailblazer for Christian grindcore. Roar!

New Jerusalem - Hard rockin' band from the Valley of the Sun for the glory of the Son. A must for AC/DC and (especially) Led Zep fans.

Sanctuary International - Pastor Bob Beeman's ministry ("The Rock and Roll Refuge").

Savage Rock Radio - Sink your teeth into this extremely hard rockin' Christian station. Do Marshall stacks (cranked to eleven!) come to mind? Lots of heavy metal and hard rockin' classics. And, yes, this includes plenty of grindcore. So crank up your streaming audio player and give this bone-crushing heavy hitter a gnarl. Internet radio with teeth!
Savage Rock Radio (predecessor to Intense Radio)


A.C.T.S. (Aboriginal Christian Training Services) - Fred and Carol Schaeffer's ministry in Australia, in association with the Living Hope Church of the Nazarene (see below) and other churches.

Crosswalk.com - A multipurpose information center featuring Christian search, music, news and other wholesome Internet resources.

First Congregational Church of Revere - Another congregation that I had gotten friendly with. I got to know this church primarily through one of my friends.

Living Hope Church of the Nazarene - Formerly known as Beverly Church of the Nazarene, this North Shore congregation is my primary church (as of 2010). (It also had a secondary location in Peabody up until 2012.)

Family & Friends

Cohen & Havian LLP - My former workplace, spanning several years. A terrific place to work (but the recession has taken its toll, resulting in this firm downsizing and relocating to the South Shore in 2008).

The Home Depot - My "grown-up toy store". I played with Lego's as a child. Now I'm playing with wire (and other electrical items, plus other kinds of household materials). Also my current workplace.

J P Communications - Interested in a custom-built PC? Let Jerry Pressman (one of my in-law cousins) build you a great machine to your liking, just like he has done for me.

Bill Jagher, CBR - Got a house to sell? Looking for a new home? Need real estate help? Give my cousin Bill a call.

Phillips & Cohen LLP - This was, in the past, my brother Eric's law firm, which specialized in recovering funds from companies ripping off government agencies (e.g., charging the U.S. Department of Defense for 700-dollar toilet seats). Check this site out, and you might even get a few reasons why Medicare costs are so high.

Jewish Gems

Congregation Sar Shalom - My home Messianic Jewish synagogue, located in the West suburban Boston area.

Jewish Journal North of Boston - Newspaper serving the Jewish community of Boston's North Shore area.

MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) - Use this resource from the Philadelphia (that's Greek for "brotherly love") area to help make your understanding of Messianic Judaism a "piece of Tastykake" (yes, it's kosher)!

Tree of Life Congregation (Etz Chayim) - Check out this Messianic congregation from the Phoenix area (formerly Congregation Beth Simchat HaMashiach).

Virtual Jerusalem - Take a cybertrip to the holy city. This site has a lot of Jewish things to offer.

Jewish San Francisco Treats

Jews for Jesus - No, this is not some kind of generic name. This Bay Area outreach is likely the biggest-known Messianic Jewish organization in the United States, if not the world. Check it out.

Levi Strauss & Co. - One of the biggest icons of American pop culture is a type of pants that a Jewish settler in San Francisco came up with around the middle of the 19th century: blue jeans. This durable garment that Levi Strauss created would help his business to become one of the largest apparel companies in the world, putting out a large variety of clothing, but all still with that Levi's blue jean touch.

et cetera

Hampshire Country School - My favorite alma mater (class of '77), which dominated the long-haired days of my hair's "pre-bush" era. Are you an HCS alumnus? If so, click here!

Hershey's - The official chocolate of the cocoa bush.

Pizza Hut - Perhaps a good alternative slogan would be "The Biggest Variety of Pizzas Under One Roof"! I not only worked for this restaurant from 1989 to 1991, but I also made up a menu exploiting this big variety offering.

United Airlines - I particularly enjoyed this airline back around its better days (the 1990's), when I got to "roar" in a few 747's (including modern 747-400's), even in the famous upper-deck (thanks to my many miles of loyalty), all of them on domestic flights. I barely achieved the Premier status milestone in 2007 (not bad for a non-business flier).

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