For A Bushier
Do it now!  Before they die!


Did you know??? By recycling one ton of paper you keep the earth about 17 trees bushier. How much paper is that in terms of other units? Well, a 500-sheet ream of typical office paper (8 1/2" x 11" letter size, "20 lb." xerographic stock) weighs about 5 pounds. This paper is shipped in boxes of 10 reams each (at least where I work, that is how we get this paper). Since each box contains about 50 pounds of paper (5,000 sheets), it takes about 40 boxes (400 reams or 200,000 sheets of letter size paper) to add up to one ton.

Now one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper may not seem like much, but a single busy office can devour a huge quantity of paper in a surprisingly short time. And many individuals may use only a small amount of paper. But because there are many such individuals around, even whatever paper they use does add up. So if you haven't gotten involved in recycling yet, why not join the many organizations and individuals who have? (By the way, a lot of recycling programs include more than just regular office paper, such as envelopes, newspapers, paper bags, phone books and even cardboard.) If you are already recycling, keep on doing so. For each weight of a little under 120 pounds of paper (in letter-sized office paper that almost amounts to 12,000 sheets, or 24 reams) recycled, a bushy tree will thank you for your efforts.


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