My Cheesecake Prototypes of the Late 1980's

Here is some information that I put together back around the late 1980's
when I was experimenting with cheesecakes at that time!

Upon resuming my cheesecake baking in more recent, 21st century times—from the late "two-thousand-and-singles" onward—I have greatly referenced some notes that I recorded more than a couple of decades earlier. So I felt that at some point I would take an old file containing this information and rebuild it into something more presentable for the Internet. I tried to preserve as much of the original looks as possible. Even the misspellings were kept.

It is because of those earlier cheesecake experiments that the more recent prototype numbers for some flavors (e.g., chocolate, plain) start beyond "1". In such cases, those varieties which I brought into the 21st century had prior versions back in the 1980's (hence the more recent prototype numbers are somewhat picking up where their 1980's counterparts left off). In fact, I should point out that the prototype numbering sequence which I used in the 1980's differed from what I have been using in the 21st century. Although I have generally been incrementing prototype numbers separately for each flavor (whether a "solo" flavor—or a multi-flavor combination such as chocolate peanut butter) in these more recent times, my 1980's notation utilized only a single, span-all-flavors, incrementing number, which got bumped up for every different cheesecake recipe that I tried, no matter what the flavor was. Therefore, that somewhat resembled a "serial" or "opus" number. If I were to keep that single-numbered system going, the prototype number would easily be well past 100 at this point.

Click here for the PDF version. (I will probably provide an HTML version soon.)


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