Baked Strawberry Cheesecake—Prototype 2:
Got natural strawberry flavoring? To my surprise, I could not find any at Whole Foods—and I did not know of any other nearby brick-and-mortar that I could look to for such an ingredient. I settled for taking a chance on greatly boosting the thick strawberry stuff—which I also changed from "conserves" to "fruit spread".
Repeat Prototype 1, but replace the batter's 14 ounces of strawberry conserves with 20 ounces of strawberry fruit spread (which seemed reasonably close to strawberry conserves).

Also, increase the baking time from 105 minutes to 2 hours (keep the in-oven-with-door-ajar cooling time at 1 hour). Likewise, increase the cooling time at room temperature (i.e., outside the oven) from 105 minutes to 2 hours.
I provided this prototype for a Home Depot (my workplace) potluck meal. I could somewhat pick up the strawberry flavor, but the tartness seemed quite dominant (perhaps I should utilize a 2-to-1 blend with cottage cheese in future strawberry prototypes). My fellow workers gave me some nice comments, and one of them mentioned picking up both strawberry and cinnamon flavors (the latter being included in the crust). There was, after my 8-hour (plus a lunch break hour) shift ended, about 1/3 of the cheesecake remaining, and I left that behind (along with other potluck leftovers).

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