But wait! How are you sure? What is it that makes you sure??

There is at least this prerequisite to being sure that “God will understand”: Truly knowing God Himself!

To know God includes knowing His Word, the Bible. Do you carefully study it on a regular basis, having done this extensively (and prayerfully)?

If you do so, you would realize that:

God is holy, absolute and uncompromising in His standards, and He is not going to change them to suit mankind’s wishes.

God demands that those who want to come to Him be fully surrendered to Him.

While God does love us, He hates our “missing the mark”—this is called sin.

In many Bible passages, God rightfully not only refused to approve of a number of wrongful practices, but even refused to tolerate them.

So if you still say that “God will understand”, given that I commit a deed that you claim (and perhaps even “believe”) to be okay, but what I believe with reasonably strong conviction, from my own diligent study of scripture, to be wrong, then I really doubt your adequate knowledge of the scriptures—and therefore of God Himself.

So this is why I am still unconvinced when you tell me, “I am sure that God will understand,” in order to persuade me to go along with you in what I strongly fear is a defiant act against His will. My conscience cannot bear that. Please respect my preference to decline such an act.