Scrapbook (BETA)


Dealing with the "But I Have Fun Sinning!" Issue
by Joel Havian


Overcoming the Difficulty of Giving Up Sin

The fallen condition of the human body, with its bad tastes/cravings.

Praying for help to give up sinning.

Case examples of human conditions:

Parent: "Eat your veggies, or you won't get dessert". Child: "Oh, if only I had a craving for veggies, just like I do for chocolate cake!"

Smoking, a well-known habit accompanied by a desire to stop craving it.

Tastes do change ("Eating that stuff used to make me want to throw up when I was a child, but now I crave it.", "I used to enjoy this when I was younger, but now it really turns me off. I have simply grown sick of it in recent years.").

Acquiring a craving taste for God's holiness, acquiring a distaste for sin.


Counting the Cost

Jesus discusses the cost of discipleship...but what about the benefits as well...and what about the cost of not following Jesus?

  Costs Benefits
With Jesus Temporary* Permanent, plus temporary* (blessings)
Without Jesus Permanent, plus temporary* (curses) Temporary*

*i.e., during one's earthly life