Q: Why do you stand on the claim about Yeshua being the only way to heaven? That seems so narrow-minded! Isn't it better that there be many other ways to get there?

A: Let me restate an earlier "readme" paragraph (but this time with Yeshua included):

You may have heard the saying, "If you do not receive Yeshua as your Master and Savior, you are going to end up spending eternity in hell." That is a very bold, blunt saying. And it's obviously not "politically correct". This statement can be offensive to many people. Inasmuch as this saying is unpopular, is it true? What is your personal priority? Are you more interested in ensuring yourself an eternity that excludes unbearable pain (and that instead--in the case of belief in Messiah--includes nonstop, joyful bliss)? Or is political correctness in this life more important to you? You must make this decision yourself. Nobody else can make it for you. Too many times one has probably considered the costs of following Yeshua, as well as the benefits of being politically correct. But the benefits of serving Yeshua (and not just heavenly either, but earthly benefits as well), as well as the costs of political correctness, are likely often overlooked.

Alright. That there be many ways to get to heaven may be a popular, "politically correct" view. Perhaps if there were several easy ways to cure cancer, such as by simply taking one or two inexpensive pills made by whatever pharmaceutical company you liked, perhaps that would be conveniently pleasing as well.

But let's get honest here. The fact of the matter is that curing cancer is an overwhelmingly difficult task to accomplish. Let's say that you have a given cancer, but that this particular one is known to be curable. But treatment for it requires a certain type of medicine that is made by only one pharmaceutical company, and it happened to be a company that you did not like. Is that still going to stop you from taking that particular medication that you need in order to survive? Probably not.

Similarly, the only-one-way stance in regard to getting to heaven may seem to be such a narrow one, but what if Yeshua's way obviously works and nothing else does? If you are willing to take the cancer-fighting medication--even if it is available only from that company that you do not like, are you willing to use Yeshua's "prescription" if that is the only way to heaven? You might dislike the pharmaceutical company, but if you were to truly look into the real Yeshua (doing this searching yourself, instead of relying only on popular mainstream media views), you would discover that this Jewish person is actually worth loving, not hating (hopefully, that should make the only-one-way view more palatable to you).


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